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Heidi Chocolaterie Suisse chocolates are produced sustainably in a comprehensive sense. We use


high quality organic and Fairtrade cocoa beans


best organic and Fairtrade ingredients like hazelnuts…


100% Swiss organic milk


100% Swiss ingredients where possible

Chocolate wrapped in nature

Butterfly on lavender flower. Slovakia


We produce our sustainable, organic and unique chocolate compositions
in our premium chocolate manufactory in Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland.

Buying products with the Fairtrade Max Havelaar label helps small farming families and plantation workers in developing countries getting a better income and having fair working conditions.

They receive a stable price and an additional Fairtrade premium as well as advice on site. Part of the proceeds from the sale is invested in projects that benefit the entire community, such as the construction of schools, wells and health centres.


EU / non EU Agriculture



We are employing 15 people with handicaps in our manufactory in Lucerne already for years. Heidi thus shows social commitment.

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Super material grass paper, the revolutionary green alternative.
Our chocolate is packed in sustainable, resource-conserving grass carton.

  • More resource-efficient than waste paper or wood
  • From natural, immediately renewable resources
  • Habitats are not destroyed
  • Free compostable and recyclable
  • Industrial water consumption of less than 2 litres per tonne of grass fibre material (compared to 6,000 litres per tonne for wood pulp)
  • Energy savings of up to 90% at approx. 150 kW/h per tonne
  • Optimal for food


We are of the opinion that the beauty of nature is simply unbelievable. We treat all our raw materials with respect and responsibility. Our eco-packaging contains grass and saves CO2 and water. Where possible, we pay attention to a high proportion of fair trade raw materials, Swiss raw materials and raw materials from controlled, organic cultivation.


Social responsibility is part of our long-standing philosophy. Chocolate means little moments of happiness. We see it as our task to put a smile on the lips of every chocolate lover. Immerse yourself in Heidi’s homeland and discover the chocolate that suits you.

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